3 Best Tips for Writing an Authorization Letter

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Published: 06th April 2011
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An authorization letter is written to state the rank or authority of a person to take specified actions or perform certain roles. The letter grants permission to the addressee to carry out certain procedures and delegates defined power to take decisions. It is a purely legal document that has to undergo a complete legal procedure before sending it to the actual reader or addressee.

There are many uses of such letters that define a wide range of responsibilities and intentions. It is like giving a power of attorney to the other person so that the person can take important decisions on your behalf. Most often this type of letter is used to authorize the reader for taking required steps in medical, legal, and business fields. Apart from this it can be used to grant access to resources or secured data of a company, an organization, or some personal data. In brief, authorization letter can be defined as a legal document that defines the parameters of what privileges or powers are being offered to an individual.

Here are some of the best tips for writing an effective authorization letter:

1. The very first consideration is the type of authorization. When writing such a letter the sender should clearly state the scope and purpose of the authorization. The details should have a mention of all the privileges offered and all the tasks assigned to the individual. It should also state if there is any kind of restricted access to certain resources. The reader should also have a clear picture of what is expected from him or her and to what extent he or she can use the power of authorization.

2. The most important thing is such a letter is the date. This does not cater to a specific date of sending or receiving the letter but the period in which the addressee can enjoy the delegated powers. This reveals the validity of the letter that limits the actions and privileges of the individual on the timeline.

3. This is a legal document and hence it should be written with care and caution. There should be no room for any kind of misunderstanding as it may create issues at a later stage. Check each and every sentence twice or thrice to ensure all statements are as per the need and in compliance to the legal policies. Any misunderstood statement or imprecise words can cause misuse of the granted powers.

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