An Introduction to Thank-You Letters

Published: 11th May 2011
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For a smooth living, everyone at some point of time take the help from different members of the society such as friends, family members, colleagues, neighbors, and officials. So, it becomes ones duty to thank people who supported in time of need. People express their gratitude by giving a gift, sponsoring a meal, or by helping in return. Alternatively, they can simply write a thank-you letter. It is the most generous way to show gratefulness when an individual does not have an opportunity to do something in return for the person who helped him. As the name suggests, they are written to thank the person for his required support. Many people who are hesitant to express their gratitude personally write letters. This helps them to openly share their feelings.

Thank-you letters can be friendly or formal depending upon an individualís relationship with the person who helped him. Writing such letters is very simple and easy. However, some points discussed below may help you write them effectively.

Thank-you letters should have all the basic elements of a letter such as address, content, salutation, closing, etc. Each element should be written in its correct place in the chosen format.

The sooner, the better it is. Be prompt in writing and dispatching the letter. It creates greater impact than the ones written after a long time. No matter how big or successful you are, use humble words. Keep the letter short and simple. Donít brag about your other achievements. The main objective is to make the person know how much you value his contribution.

The way you draft your content is the main part of this letter. You should share your feelings of gratitude but donít lie about them. Praise genuinely. False compliments may hurt the receiver and strain your relationship with him which you will not like under any circumstance. You can write in detail how the required support pulled you out of the tough situation. It makes the receiver feel special and content. Donít ignore to rectify minute details like language errors, overwriting, untidy look, and torn paper. It reflects your casual approach to things.

You can also send a gift as a token of thanks with the letter. Nothing will make your receiver much happier than this act. Even if you intend to hand over the letter personally, always enclose it in an envelope. Ensure that it is neatly folded.

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