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Published: 13th April 2011
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Farewell letter is a letter written to your friends or co-workers when you standing on a crossroad of life start a new venture. This beginning of the crossroad often takes you on a different way away from the people who have been around you since years. This change in life is universal and no one can stay untouched by this wind of separation. One good thing is that you can always write a farewell letter and leave behind your footprints in terms of wishes, blessings, greetings, and memories.

Explained below are some of the essential components of a farewell letter:

• The first component is the addressee. Addressee is the person whom you wish to bid farewell. Depending on how intimate or close you are to that person you need to start with a soft and friendly greeting like dear, dearest, my friend, or to someone special. Even if the person is your co-worker or neighbor you can start with an informal salutation.
• The second component is the message. Message in this context means the announcement of your departure. Whether you are departing from school, college, or a company, you can announce your departure and clearly state your unhappiness to leave all behind. Show that you are happy to move ahead in life with news hopes and excitements but at the other end you are unhappy for leaving all friends and co-workers behind.
• The third component is gratitude. This is an expression of thanks you pay to all those who helped you, supported you, and encourage you in due course of life. Give special thanks to people who have made an extraordinary difference in your life. Expressing your gratitude is the most humble way of saying you value relationship.
• The fourth component is reminiscences. You can always mention how you feel recollecting happy moments spend with all, the ups and downs that go side by side, and the joy of togetherness. Ensure that even after you take a new turn in life you’ll cherish the memories forever. You can even state your wish or desire to continue the interaction. Clearly mention that you would love to stay in touch for ever. This would be an open invitation for a life-long bonding or association.
• The fifth component of farewell letter is the last word. Last word does not mean a last saying from you but a last wish on the letter. The end of your farewell letter should be positive, cordial, and amusing. Leave your wishes and greetings for everyone you are leaving behind.

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