Effective Writing of Endorsement Letter

Published: 08th April 2011
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Endorsement letter is written to state any kind of support to a specified person, product, or entity. It is a kind of introduction letter wherein the organization or an institute gives an approval for specific projects or work explaining the qualities and characteristics of the person being endorsed.

This kind of document often works as an agreement between the organization and endorsee that permits certain rights and power to the endorsee for a certain period of time. The most popular types of endorsement letters are written for entering college, vying for a public opinion, starting a new business venture, person seeking a new job, or an signing a business deal. This is certainly a professional letter where at one end the writer offers support to the endorsee and on the other offers a recommendation to the organization or an institute. Hence, all the information and details in the letter should be professional and completely reliable.

When writing an endorsement letter there are many things to be kept in mind. Here are some of the effective tips to help you write the same:

• First you need to mention the correct name of the endorsee along with the person you are sending the letter.

• Start with an appropriate salutation.

• Then collect all the required information about the person you are endorsing and ensure that all the information is verified. Everything in the letter should be true and reliable.

• Don’t use words that sound as if you are recommending the endorsee rather show that you are genuinely appreciating the abilities and qualities of the person you are supporting.

• You can also mention how long you have known the person and to what extend. Also state what kinds of dealings you have dome with the specified person both in personal and professional life.

• A person who is actually good at heart and good at work does not require any kind of referrals or recommendation. Mention his work profile and characteristics genuinely are more than enough to extend your support.

• In case you are requesting an endorsement then clearly state the reason why you are doing so.

• When requesting do mention the guidelines and format of sending an endorsement letter that complies with the terms and conditions of your company’s policy.

• Clearly state the deadline by when you need the letter and show your gratitude well in advance.

• The letter should be purely formal and presented in a professional way.

• Leave no room for any argument, misunderstanding, or uncertainty.

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