Effective Writing of Termination Letter

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Published: 06th April 2011
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Termination letter is written to terminate an employee from his or her current designation or to terminate a contractual business venture. In the former case the company informs the employee that his or her employment with the company has come to end. In the later one the company or an individual states shows the desire to end a contract dually signed by both the parties.

It is purely a business letter that has to be written with great care and concern. The most popular type is the termination from a company. When writing this type it becomes really difficult for managers to put their words on paper. After working for so long with an employee it is never easy to inform him or her about his or her dismissal. Most of the managers mostly talk to the employee before writing the letter and try to work out a condition where a termination letter is not required. Such a letter serves as a black mark on the professional life of that employee and hence most of the managers try and convince employees to give a resignation rather than accept a termination.

Giving a resignation is always better but there are situations when a termination has to be given in accordance to the terms, conditions, and policies of the company. It is said that managers become heartless when writing such letters but it is always better to use a soft and humble tone while writing.

Here are some excellent tips to write an effective termination letter:

• Use simple and generous words. Never use any kind of harsh language or blunt words as the written words can haunt at you at a later stage in life.

• Don’t criticize the person rather help the reader digest the truth and cope up with this move of life. Criticism can strike the inner strings of the reader’s heart and the person can go into depression or face emotional imbalance.

• Don’t use aggressive words and hostile language. You are already hurting the person by terminating him or her so try not to give more hurt and pain through your words.

• State clearly the reasons of termination in a way that it does not pinch the inner chords of the reader’s heart.

• Also mention all the information regarding the procedure, dates, timeline, and details of the final settlement.

• Be purely professional and maintain the company’s termination policy.

• Show politeness, compassion, and courtesy in your letter.

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