Essential Components of Sympathy Letter

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Published: 06th April 2011
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Miseries and sorrows donít ever come by invitation but when they come they refuse to accept any kind of company. They always demand loneliness and even then a comforting word from a friend, a shoulder to lean on, and a hand to wipe tears proves to be a great source of comfort. This lightens the severity of a sorrow and makes it easier for the person to move on with the harsh truth of life.

A sympathy letter is a letter to showcase your love and affection for the other person in sorrow. It is an expression of your belongingness and your concern towards that person. Occasions that require writing such types of letters are illness, physical injury, mental stress, loss of job, business setbacks, family tensions, death in a family, or any such kind of unpleasant situation.

Writing a sympathy letter is truly a tough thing to do. At times the situations are too worse that you are not even able to convince yourself then how can you comfort the person stuck in an unpleasant situation. However, there are certain components that can help you write a heart-warming and comforting sympathy letter. Here are some of the essential components of a sympathy or condolence letter:

Recognize the Loss: The first and foremost thing to do when writing a sympathy letter is to recognize the loss or understand the situation in which your friend or loved one is stuck. You can write only when you know the actual reason of your friendís tear and sorrow.

Express Freely: Once you have acknowledged the loss, it is important for you to show your sympathy and concern towards the person in need. In a soft and gentle manner lend out your hand to support during hours of need and show that you are always there with him or her.

Add Excitement by Memorizing Happy Moments: There is always some spice and excitement in a personís life. When your friend, family member or any other known person is in despair, try to give a smile by making him or her remember the happy days. Think of all the joyful moments and put them in a way that it shadows the darkness of the present situation.

Acknowledge Personal Strength: At a time when life takes a toll over all the patience and strength a person has, it is very important to make the person realize and feel that he or she has much more than life can test. Remind the person in sorrow that he or she is capable of handling more struggles in life and that also with a cheering smile. Convey a message of their endearing capability and their undying spirit. This will help him or her come out of the darkness and will also encourage the person in despair to move ahead.

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