Guidelines for Writing a Successful Cancellation Letter

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Published: 24th March 2011
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In business situations, it is always recommended to have a written proof of all the communication you enter into with your partners. That is why different types of formal letters for various situations are widely used in business communication.

A cancellation letter is a formally-written document that is used when you want to discontinue or cancel receiving the service from any organization. For e.g. you may write a cancellation letter to cancel a club membership, a demand draft, or a medical policy.

As the letter is a documented proof of your cancellation request, you can use it to follow-up the request with the organization.

Given below are some tips that will help you write an effective cancellation letter.

The cancellation letter should be brief and to the point.
In case you are writing a cancellation letter on a piece of paper, keep a copy of it with you. On the other hand, if you are sending the letter via e-mail, then save the mail and take a print-out of the same.
A cancellation letter should contain all the key information, such as the date, name and address of the organization, name and designation of the concerned person, club membership number, policy number, etc.
Remember to give your own contact details. This will be needed by the organization to revert to you.
It is important to mention the date from which you wish the cancellation to be effective. If you want your request to be processed within a time frame, mention about the same in the letter. This will help in faster processing of the request. However, ensure that you give the company enough time to process your request. If you are sending the letter today, it is not possible for them to process the request by tomorrow.
Always sign the letter before sending it to the organization.
If possible, try to give the reason for canceling the service, such as, shifting to a new town or unhappy with the quality of service. In all the situations, be polite in the letter.
The letter should be professionally-worded but in a language that can be understood by its recipients. For e.g. using legal language for canceling the phone connection may not be understood by a customer care executive.
Before signing the cancellation letter, mention that you would like to receive intimation in writing that the request has been processed.

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