Guidelines for Writing Successful Claim Letter

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Published: 06th April 2011
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Claim letters are formal or official letters that written to claim for something. The language used is professional and the letter is brief, concise, and to the point. There are no fancy fonts, flowery language, or decorative presentation as it is a purely business letter sent as a request to a company or an individual.

There are many types of claim letters that are written in business on various situations and under various conditions. Such letters can be used for claiming medical services, insurance, and about stolen care. It is also written to claim about money return in case of defective products or products still under warranty period. Whatever the reason or purpose of writing, there are certain guidelines that adhere to all. Some of the effective guidelines for writing a successful claim letter are as follows:

• At the beginning of the letter you need to write the reason or the purpose of the letter.
• If claiming for a medical service or insurance, you need to mention your policy number.
• Mention all the specific and important details with regards to the claim you have made. If it a car insurance then mention details like VIN number, policy number, date of purpose, kind of ownership, and model number. In case of a medical claim mention the details of the treatment undergone attached with the hospital bills.
• If claiming about the replacement of a defective product or return of money then you need mention the receipt number, date of purchase, dealer’s information, and the defect noticed in the product.
• Clearly mention the amount you are claiming for depending on the terms and conditions of the policy or customer purchase policy. Every company has its own return or exchange policies.
• State the exact reasons with regards to the claim you have requested. There are many issues associated with medical services, stolen car, defective products, and insurance policies.
• It is also important for you to attach the supporting documents with the claim letter. Some of the most required documents are Xerox of original policy, receipt copy, repair estimates, warranty records, and purchase bill.
• Clearly state your contact address and contact numbers to ensure there is no room for any kind of miscommunication. The reader should have all the sources to contact you in response to your letter.
• Don’t use any kind of hostile language or harsh words. Be courteous and don’t blame the reader for any kind of defect.
• Be generous and respectful when writing the claim letter.

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