Important Rules to Write a Congratulations Letter

Published: 08th April 2011
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Congratulation letter is used to praise an individual’s accomplishments or success. It is a simple way of expressing your appreciation for the person who beholds commendable qualities and extra-ordinary abilities that helped to achieve high success in life. This is a very personal and friendly letter that should behold lot of enthusiasm and congratulatory expression for the reader without showcasing any signs of jealousy.

There are many reasons or situations that come across when you feel like writing one such letter for your friend, loved one, or any relative. Some of the most popular situations wherein the needs to write congratulation letters seem more justified are:

• Friend getting a new job
• Friend or relative getting a new job.
• Venturing into a new house.
• Friend or associate getting promotion.
• Someone offering a perfect presentation.
• As wishes for a birthday or anniversary.
• On graduating from college.
• Publishing a book or article
• Birth or adoption of a child.
• Winning a contract or signing a new business deal.
• Doing something extraordinary.
• Receiving a scholarship.
• Starting a new business.
• Winning an award or any kind of honor.
• Increasing salary package.

Apart from the reasons of writing the letter, you also need to know the essential guidelines for writing the letter. Here are some important rules for writing a heart-warming congratulation letter:

• Write the letter with a quick response to the hearing of the person’s success. Any kind of delay in sending such letters loses its value and significance.
• State the specific reason for writing.
• Start with a heartiest congratulation. Show expressions of enthusiasm and appreciation and let the reader feel how happy you are hearing the news of success.
• Keep your wishes soft, warm, and straight from the heart. Maintain a flawless content with expressive words and phrases.
• Don’t try to exaggerate your wishes and congratulations. Keep it simple and straight to the point.
• Outline the accomplishments of the reader and show how fruitful and significant the achievement is. Clearly state the actual achievement and don’t just play with words.
• You can even add spices of your advice and some examples from your real life. This will add to the excitement and joy of attaining success.
• End with a perfect greeting or wish like ‘Best Wishes’, ‘With All My Love’, or ‘Yours Truly’.
• Edit the letter and make sure it is error-free in all ways. A flawless letter is the best way to express your thoughts and feelings in the most appreciable manner.

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