Most Captivating Car Colors

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Published: 12th June 2011
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Itís truly been said the colors in life reflect a personís persona. As human beings we all have different characteristics and moods wherein characters stay constant but mood keeps on fluctuating depending on the situation and condition in life. Similarly the choice of colors can fluctuate in accordance to the change of mood and change of preferences but there are some that stay as favorite. This kind of favoritism in colors is often known to reflect a personís individuality and character.

Researches have revealed that in the Indian market some of the colors are amongst the best-selling car models based on customerís preferences and choices. Following is a list of those car colors that fascinate majority of car buyers in the country:


Silver is the most captivating and shining color that inspires everyone with its excellent aura. The feel, the shine, and the appeal are inspiringly impressive. It is one of the most common choice for youngsters who go for bring and jazzy appearance along with class and elegance. The superb-sophistication projected in Silver car models makes the owner feel honored.


Beige is the latest demand in the car market because of its earthy shade and soothing appeal that draws much attention when on roads. Delicate to the core along with soothing form this color is most popular in Ford Fiesta, Hyundai Getz, Maruti Alto, Toyota Corolla, and Santro Xing.


Red is certainly one of the most preferred choices when it comes to buying a charming car model. Red in any form stands out in a crowd with its high energy and dynamic feel. These days many variations or shades of red are noticed with certain amount of depth in it. Car models like Maruti Swift, Skoda Octavia, Hyundai Accent, and Ford Fiesta look just amazing in red.


White is a universal color that reflects peace and harmony. In choice and preference as well white car models reflect innocence and purity with the expression of its individuality. The car though beholds a simple plain color it gives an elegant and plush feeling when driving the car. This is known to be one of the best selling colors and a color that can and will never fade away.


Green is the latest trend that is appealing car buyers in the country. The color is trendy, whimsical, and dynamic, offering an excellent feel of being special. It certainly stands out in the crowd and the latest Olive Green color of the Chevrolet Beat is the best example of its popularity. In other models, various shades and hues of the green are available with certain amount of depth.

To know more about the cars available in captivating colors, check Nissan Micra.

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