Rules for Enriching Vocabulary

Published: 07th April 2011
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Imagine how the world would have survived if there was no way to communicate. No words, no sign language, no channels of communication. I think it would have been impossible. Communication is therefore an integral part of existence, be it living beings, animals, or plants. All species have their own form of language.

Communication mainly consists of words and gestures. A good communicator knows the right words for the right situation. Unfortunately, most of us find it difficult to recall the most appropriate words to express our thoughts. We go round and round with lengthy sentences instead of using the right word. However, we may recall it later and repent for not remembering on time. We also come across new vocabulary terms while reading or watching television. Either we try to interpret the meaning from the context or overlook it conveniently. Such an approach does not make us an effective communicator, be it in writing or speaking.

If you want to improve your language, then enriching your vocabulary is very important. It is not very difficult but requires determination and persistence on your part. The first rule is Reading. This is the easiest way to come across new words. You can take up any reading material like newspaper, magazine, a letter, or even a school book. Go through it carefully. If you come across an unfamiliar word, jot down in your vocabulary diary, and search for its meaning in the dictionary. Nowadays, you can easily refer to online websites and escape the burden of opening a bulky dictionary book. Then, try to use the word by framing at least five sentences with it.

Practicing – Practice using the learnt word in your daily speaking and writing. This way the word will transfer from your known vocabulary repertoire to the frequently used vocabulary repertoire. Letter writing is an ideal way of applying new words.

Listening – Watch as many television programs and listen to the conversation. This will help you pick up commonly used phrases. You can also identify the correct syntax and applicability of the word. For example, you may know the meaning of the word ‘wither’ but don’t know how to use it. Listening helps you to know how it can be used in a sentence with correct preposition, verb, etc.

A rich vocabulary can help you speak effectively and write good articles. If you are a working professional, then it can help you write compelling proposal letters.

Vocabulary plays an important role when drafting a letter as it helps to convey the right kind of message in the most perfect and appropriate way. Learn on specific letter types like Proposal Letters.

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