Tips on Writing Effective Acceptance Letter

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Published: 24th March 2011
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An Acceptance letter is a formal letter that is written in response to an offer letter that a selected job applicant receives from an organization. The applicant writes the acceptance letter confirming his joining of the organization at the mutually agreed terms. It is an important employment document both for the employer and the employee.

In an acceptance letter, the selected candidate confirms to the terms and conditions of the employment offer, such as, the salary offered, the designation offered, the date of joining, the leave structure, the resignation procedure, etc.

There are many styles or templates for writing an acceptance letter. Given below is one of the templates which can be used for writing an Acceptance Letter.

• (Name of the job applicant)

• (Complete address of the job applicant)

• Date (e.g. March 8, 2011 or 8 March 2011)

• (Name of the recipient/hiring person)

• (Recipient’s job title)

• (Complete address of the organization)

• Salutation ("Dear" followed by the name of the hiring person)

• Content of the letter (I am very pleased to confirm my acceptance of the job offered by you in the offer letter dated (mention the date) for the job code (mention the job code, if any). I am prepared to work hard to make a contribution towards the goals of (Mention the name of the organization).

• As discussed earlier, I will report to the office on (mention the date) at (mention the time).

• I am obliged to you for providing me the opportunity to work with your esteemed organization.

• Complimentary closing (E.g. Sincerely/ Yours Sincerely)

• (Signature of the job applicant)

• (Name of the job applicant)

• (Contact Number)

• (E-mail address, if any)

Certain points should be kept in mind while writing an acceptance letter. They are:

1. Confirm your acceptance within the first two sentences of the letter.

2. The language should be official irrespective of your level of comfort with the hiring person.

3. Do not talk about the credentials of the organization in the letter. Just show your respect and admiration for the organization in a few words. Your decision to work with them is evident enough to prove your admiration for them.

4. The letter should be short and to the point. Brevity is the key to all formal letters.

5. Do show your happiness and eagerness to work with the organization.

6. The letter should be grammatically correct with no spelling mistakes, incomplete sentences and unacceptable short forms.

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