Tips To Write Friendly Letters

Published: 11th May 2011
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Letter writing is a vast section of English language. It is a form of art that can be mastered with practice and some knowledge about its basics. There are many types of letters that are classified according to their purposes. Friendly letters are the ones that are written to family, friends, and office buddies. For example, birthday letters, Christmas letters, friendship request letters, etc.

Unlike official letters, they are spontaneous compositions free from restrictions. You dont have to worry about the content flow, its type, formatting issues, etc. It is merely a free expression of your thoughts. However, this does not mean that you show carelessness while writing them. You will not want your readers to struggle through your hazy content to decipher it. So, follow some of the simple tips given below to write a good friendly letter.

Conversational style Remember, you are not writing a lecture or delivering a monologue. Hence, you need to follow the interactive or the conversational style of writing. It is not difficult. You can easily make your content interactive by using personal pronouns like I, You, Your, and We wherever possible.

Correct language You may be excited to quickly jot down all recent developments to share with your friend but such hurrying should be avoided. It can easily lead to spelling mistakes, glaring grammar errors, missing punctuation, or missing text. Remember, a badly-written, ill-composed, and a confusing letter can dissolve the enthusiasm of a reader. Moreover, it also shows your nonchalant attitude towards minor but significant details.

Flexibility - Another good thing in friendly letters is that you dont have to worry about rules. You can use as many abbreviations as you want but be sure that the reader knows all of them. You can use colloquial expressions and give lengthy details of events to express your emotions. You can also add pictures, use color pens, write in any calligraphic style, etc.

Salutation In friendly letters to family members and close friends, you can address the receiver with his name after using expressions like Dear, Dearest, My dear, etc. without any title. You are also free to address the receiver with his nickname if he does not have any problem.

Remember, if you are writing to an acquaintance, a senior family member or your teacher, then be respectful in your address and use the title accordingly. For example, you can say Dear Mr. Joseph.

For other specific letter types, check Christmas Letters.

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