Writing an Effective Resignation Letter

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Published: 07th April 2011
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Letters form an integral part of business communication. They are used at every stage of business dealings, be it with the outsiders (suppliers, clients, governmental authorities) or insiders such as employees. One of the business letters is a resignation letter. It is a formal letter that an existing employee writes to inform about his decision to leave the organization. It is addressed to the owner or the concerned person or department authorized to receive such letters.

They are used across all types of organizations. For example, a teacher writes a resignation letter to the principal, a resident doctor writes to his immediate senior, and so on. Writing resignation letters is the first step of the employee relieving procedure of any organization.

Remember that writing such a letter is as important as writing an application or any professional letter. The manner in which you write affects your personal and professional relationship with the organization. In the long run, it may affect your career growth.

Given below are certain tips that may help you write a good resignation letter.

Ensure that the letter should have the following essential components:

• the reason for resignation
• the date of resignation
• appreciate the time you spent with the company
• inquire about the procedure for resignation

Focus On the Language

Writing a resignation letter is an emotional experience for the person as well as its recipients. However, it is advisable to keep your emotions at bay and be sensible while writing it. You can have both positive and negative reasons but cite it in a way that does not spoil your existing relation with the company or its workers. The most common reasons are a better position, a higher pay package, illness, or a personal reason that cannot be shared. Ensure that you use polite words, such as please and grateful. Avoid flowery language. It makes you sound bogus.

Professional Attitude

Always inform about your decision much in advance to the date when you intent to leave. This gives enough time to the company to transfer your responsibilities to the other person. It is unprofessional to inform at the nick of time and disappear soon. Ideally, submit the resignation letter before the notice period that you have to serve as per the rules. Though you are leaving the company but don’t appear to be lax by committing spelling and grammatical mistakes, and other typo errors. This shows that you are immature.

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